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Gwendolyn Goodbeer, Student 
(MS Office 2010)

"It’s so ironic that I signed-up for the classes at Escalante Center when I did.  I had no idea that I would be hired for a new position as a Loan Underwriter two weeks after I started my eight-week MS Office course.   Everything that I learned has come in handy for me in my present position.  

I often say a quiet 'thank you' to Joanne Miller, our instructor, at Escalante Center, for the tips that ... read more 

Audra Johnson, Office Manager,Early Childhood Mental Health Center                      (On-Site Training)

“Joanne was great!  She was able to effectively work with all of our staff- from beginners to advanced.  She met each student where they were and understood what they needed.  She was able to tailor each lesson to the student.  I enjoyed working with her and look forward to working with her again.” 

Karen Bianchini, Clinical Supervisor, Early Childhood Mental Health Center 
(On-Site Training)

“She helped me to understand via cookbook method, how to do my work in a more efficient way.  I need cookbook, no theory.  This works best for me.  Karen” 

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